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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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[unintelligible] thank you. >> [speaking a foreign language]
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>> ok, thank you, i will do the translation. first, she would like to thank the city and county of san francisco, staff, for their services and the different incentives in the bay area. especially the organization for the elderly.
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the center is now a part of their life, with the volunteers and frenchy hazmat there, that is her family. they give her support and energy, more than her children get hurt. in the center they receive a variety of meals, and educational opportunities, such as [unintelligible] and dancing. she has felt happier and healthier after joining the program. she believes most of the seniors that participate in the program feel the same way. however, using a limited space in the senior centers, sometimes she cannot participate. on behalf of the seniors, she would like to again show her creation nation throughout the san francisco city county for the elderly, staff, and volunteers. she urges you to continue such wonderful services.
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this is the place she calls her home. thank you. supervisor olague: thank you. [applause] >> good morning. my name is lucy bravo. hello. i am a member of the senior center community. i have spent many hours, and i am help -- at the -- happy and healthy because of the community. i am here to talk about home delivered meals. 10 years ago, i became a widow. at that time it was a busy and tragic time. i just did not know what i was going to do. the care i had to give my husband was tremendous. when i was sitting, crying at the breakfast table by myself, this thought came into my head. home delivered meals. home delivered meals. why did i not think of that before? i made a call to the center and
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i was directed to the person in charge of home delivered meals. within two days she was at my home, assessing my situation. and within three days, i had my first home delivered meal. i was so thankful that every day, when that man or woman came to my door between 12:00 and 1:00, i said it is thanksgiving day. i thank you so much, because i do not ever want those home delivered meals to be cut back. they are truly important, when they are in need. when healthy, seniors do a lot. i thank you very much. [applause] supervisor olague: if everyone could sit down at this point, if everyone could sit down, i will start calling the cards because most of those who needed to speak initially have spoken. i will just start calling cards
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and everyone will get the opportunity to speak. go ahead, the next person can speak and then everyone else can sit down. yes, we can start calling cards again. >> good morning, folks. my name is france's burns. i want to congratulate you on trying to form a task force to take on this problem of the seniors and handicapped. i believe, firmly, in senior centers and where we can gather. i think that the senior center that i joined by retired as a volunteer has kept me mentally alert, physically well. i am able to have a hot lunch every day. i do not have to cook, shop, or prepare. no dishes. it is wonderful for me.
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i have just passed my 90th birthday and i think i am here because of that. thank you very much. >> sorry to be speaking of sequence. i have another meeting to attend at noon. my name is herbert weiner, in '73, a social worker for the city and home support services program. i want to address some major concerns. first, the transit effectiveness project is an agent that stands for trashing elders. the district supervisor, people are expected to walk a quarter of a mile to some us stop, including the 33 ashbury line on ashbury street. what are people expected to do without the services of muni?
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are they expected to crawl to their destinations? this is the most in human proposal. it basically has to be reexamined. i am surprised that the american disabilities act lawsuit has not been filed. this is basically a cosmetic program and management operations have to be audited first. the second thing regards proposition [unintelligible] that pass that the poll. -- past at the polls. it will impact lack of coverage and impact disabled seniors. basically, the board of supervisors passed this unanimously, the tea party with a liberal face. the other thing is, basically, the city is attacking seniors
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through public transportation or other programs. they are pandering to hustlers to make a buck. we have served the city and we deserve a lot better. thank you. [applause] supervisor olague: thank you. i will start calling names now. michael lyon? amber carol? [unintelligible] pam no. if you heard your name, could you start coming up to the microphone? richard schmidt, followed by [unintelligible] >> my name is michael lyon, from the senior action network. and from the gray panthers. it really is heartbreaking to
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cure the cuts that have been made over the next five years. the prospect of being joyful over a flat budget being caught in the nature is so much greater over the next 10 years, that is very scary. there is no other way to put it. i think that if you look at who is calling the shots in this city, state, and country, old people, people with disabilities, kids are really the useless eaters, and i use that term advisedly. remembering what they were in history. the only way that this is going to get solved this by enforcing the rich corporations to make huge increases in taxes. supervisor olague: thank you. [applause]
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>> hello, my name is amber carol. i am from the aging disability resource center. i just wanted to respond to the concerns over services in the sunset district. the adrc has 19 roving stations throughout the city in the inner and outer sunset. we are trying to provide services to seniors and adults with disabilities. by providing staff, at this point, four days a week. our staff has people that speak english, russian, and chinese in that community. we have been partnering with those organizations, other churches, meals on wheels. we are certainly willing to entertain other ideas to reach out to more people. thank you.
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supervisor elsbernd: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is [unintelligible] and i am a community organizer at the sro community collaborative, part of a group addressing the needs of seniors and people living in sro hotels. we are formally working with a lobby and her position with senior action network. there are over 500 in san francisco, and many of the residents are seniors or people with disabilities. often, they cannot meet the needs of the population. many do not have working elevators or elevators at all. many have passed infestations or no on-site services specific to the needs of those seniors. there are often general have the ability concerns.
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we have seen more and more seniors aging in place in sro's. many have no other housing options other than the sro's. the working group in a part of conducted a survey of seniors with disabilities for sros' we have been working on a report outlining recommendations for addressing these needs of seniors in sro's. in november we have a hearing to discuss the findings of our survey. we will be addressing the hearing at the land use committee called by supervisor mar to specifically discuss the recommendations and how to implement the recommendations being made on the survey. the committee hearing on sro's for seniors will be on the 11th and i invite everyone here to join us for that. thank you. supervisor olague: thank you.
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>> that afternoon. my name is roberta harry and i represent the service agency, the national council of aging, and three separate programs. this afternoon in all the different cuts, we had a holistic approach, working with seniors in the city of san francisco. be assisted seniors in accessing over $100 million in services and benefits to stabilize them. if certain services are cut, like meals on wheels and other supportive services, this will put a great strain on those seniors, causing them to go further down, economically. our goal is to work with them for services like in home support services that are cut, which are vital to their survival. we should think about seniors in
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the foundation of this city. thank you. supervisor olague: at this time, i would like to ask james to come up. he did have a statement or a request. >> thank you, supervisor. thank you for holding this hearing. i wanted to mention this to the crowd and everyone. this silver surged, this has been a success. the fact that there are all of these people here, packed into the chambers, so many people here, we did not realize that there would be this much community passion going on. that said, because there are so many vibrant seniors engaged in advocation, fired up, ready to come down here to speak to their rights, we have unfortunately impeded upon some other pre-
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existing schedules. such as, many of the seniors have to have lunch. as we all know, food security is one of the critical parts of staying healthy. so, there is that. also, this room is needed for other hearings and we are going a little over. fortunately we need to do at this time, although this is not the end, not the end of the silver surged, not the end of the senior movementthe senior m. what this means is that we're willing to start wrapping it up so that our hon. supervisors can get their lunch and our hon. seniors can get their lunch, and we can move on to continue planning this. everybody is involved with a case, the coalition of those
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serving the elderly. i want to say to everyone, thank you all for coming. and this is not the end. this is not the last hearing that we're going to hide here. this is only the beginning. >> thank you. those who do want to speak, we are not going to prevent you from speaking. certainly, if you do not have a lunch time or have to leave, we will not be cutting off public comment. and thank you. i know there are people who wanted to leave who did need to eat. >> money is charles -- my name is charles. i am a member in richmond.
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i am a regular product -- army veteran, honorably discharged. i served as a merchant sailor and a retired early because the body did not hold out any more. i think there are a lot of people like me in the service to need some work. not just to supplement the income, but to give us a reason for living. and we have applied services to the people of these -- this city i do not expect much in this situation because i am not a member of the oracle board of directors or yelp or twitter or at&t. they could come in here with their corporate lawyers and get carte blanche.
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i have worked for 42 years, three years for the city the changes needed in this society are revolutionary. and the power -- we need the money and the power of the people in this country to help the seniors, and the youth, who do not have much of a future. i trust the u.s. and the working people of this society to change things, not this board of supervisors. >> i am really fed up with the city of san francisco because i got evicted from my mother's house, and her mother got evicted also. i will let you know who these people are. they have city hall records of the city and county. they took advantage of my mother. the real-estate your -- the
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real-estater who took advantage, my mother paid her own home. it got me in trouble because i tell the truth. the house was not sold. it was a scam. people are squatters and -- i have documents that he is not the owner of the house. and i cannot see my mother in the hospital. byrd said chong says she is a conservatorship and she is a fraud and a con. i need to get my mother back home, and myself. the share of kicked me out of the house.
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-- the sheriff kicked me out of my house. i want them under arrest and jailed. since march 30th i've been staying at the westin house. and i also pay my social security. i want to go back to 156 albus. i know these people are con artists. thank you. cracks -- >> [unintelligible]
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some of the graffiti on the bus number is because i wash the bus. i wanted to report the problems. thank you. >> i have been here for about three months. i was a visitor and i was dying when i came here. however, it is not about me. it is about the programs that you are supposed to be having. so far, i have not seen any program for the senior citizens. i have not seen a program for the handicapped. i have not seen anything that would give evidence that you are sincerely wanting to help people who have disabilities, who have needs for programs that would help them to become stabilized
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citizens, as you call it. there are a lot of things that have happened here in san francisco that is fraud. i know that there should be housing for the homeless citizens, for the senior citizens, for that quadriplegics, for those who are handicapped. there is no housing for them. there is nothing for them. there's something they call a day center, where they go and sing and dance and have apartments. these people need help, too. but what about homeless? what about those who are really down and out? those who really need someone to take notice. i think san francisco is going to find out if they do not hurry up and do something about these people that there is going to be a condition that they will not be able to handle.
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thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is jose morales. i am a member of the senior action network. i have -- i came as an advocate to save seniors and disability services. i am very disabled. i live with our steel prices the -- osteoporosis.
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that my medicine has been cut out. and i am appealing, and they do not listen to me. and also, the senior moment is now. no cuts. i hope you get that message from all the seniors in the city. and supervisor christina olague dknows me very well. she came to the senior action network. we had a great meeting honoring our great citizen, miguel, who died after 20 years of service completely devoted to make sure that he saved those with addictions.
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and all the supervisors, everybody, i have some copies for you. i hope you will read them. the majority of you are trying to say it is ok for washington to demolish. this is a great injustice. we have to save those units, those people, because it is the great story of our lives. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. gregg's i was at miguel's that also. -- >> i was at miguel's the event also. he did a lot for tenants. >> thank you.
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>> my name is francisco decosta. and i'm looking at some of your presenters, what i believe is empirical data. i have been looking at some of the presentations, including the one that you presented, sir. and i think that some of the facts in the presentation do not reflect their real data. and the best way for me to address it is for me to send you an e-mail to that fact. i also want to point out to the four of y'all sitting down there that each one of you are compensated by the city. hopefully, when you present, don't present things in
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generalities. we need solutions. thank you very much. having said that, i am a senior, too. but i'm not part of the data. and there are thousands of files. we worked very hard. we have disabilities, but we do not take money or monies from any local, state, or federal entities. we do not. we work hard and we do our best. i am here to tell you, supervisors, that is tragic what our seniors are thrown to face the elements, thrown into the streets. oftentimes, seniors are picked up, taken to hospital, treated
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for a couple of days and then drawn back on the streets. and more important, no better ren -- no veteran who has served this nation should live on the street. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i am the program director for the family services agency for the community senior program and economic security center. we partner to deliver job training and holistic case management services to the senior population 55 years and older. through the bundled economic security initiative referral services, our clients have saved $1.2 million annually in out-of-pocket expenses.